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Steamulation x Shishamesse

In order to bring Steamulation Club to life,
two major influencers of the shisha market bundle their expertise
to help the hospitality industry offer the best possible experience to their guests.



As one of the leading shisha brands worldwide, we offer award-winning premium to luxury shishas & accessories globally

With innvovative and patented technologies as well as highest-quality materials, Steamulation brings worldclass smoking experiences to customers all over the globe.

Shishamesse. Since 2013 ShishaMesse is the world’s leading platform for the entire hookah industry in regards to visitors, exhibitors, exhibition area and level of awareness, taking place in Frankfurt, Berlin, New York, Miami, Sevilla, Sao Paulo and Moscow.
Our expertise in this business allowed us to develop a diverse business portfolio which concentrates on creating (digital) marketing, new generation sales and on balance bringing the hookah industry to perfection.

Highest-Quality Shisha Pipes „Made in Germany“

Steamulation stands for premium quality, innovation and luxury. As the leading shisha brand worldwide, our Steamulation shishas will stun your guests with fascinating design, exclusive materials and an outstanding smoke experience.​

Innovations is in our DNA.

These multi-awarded shishas offer the most sophisticated features on the market. Our patented and unique technology not only amazes customers at home: We have implemented our patented Steamulation technologies to ease service and operations for our hospitality partners as well​.

Focus on your guests.​
Easy click and close in one second with the patented SteamClick360.​

Since entering the market in 2016 Steamulation has developed itself as one of the most popular brands worldwide. Multiple awards underline the position of Steamulation on the Shisha Market.

We want to bring our customers the best quality and most exclusive shishas available. That‘s why we work with and develop our own brand Steamulation.


With contacts all over the world, we are able to bring you the right products, no matter which country you are located in. You guest‘s won‘t just have a hookah to enjoy, but an unforgettable experience on top.

P13 Lounge by Shishamesse –
When Nature meets Future.

A modern lounge concept with botanic elements, wherenature meets future“. The right environment paired with an individual order system, a digital menu and the best products available, create an amazing guest-experience.

Shisha 2.0

Modern order system

Drinks, hookah and even food can be digitally ordered with a tablet. It is even possible to individually configure your hookahs or chose from our recommendations. If any changes occurred to your menu, it can be adapted in a moment. WE TAKE CARE OF IMPLEMENTATION, YOU TAKE CARE OF WINNING THE HEART OF YOUR GUESTS.

Get in touch if you want to implement Shisha 2.0 at your venue as well…

Together We are Steamulation Club.

Your Exclusive Outsourcing Partner for leading luxury hotels and selected venues.

Become a Member

The Exclusive Shisha Brand & Service
for your Luxury Venue.

Exactly what you need.

This is Shisha.

Shisha embraces smoking flavoured tobacco from a water pipe, its hose passed around to take a puff among families and friends. It centers around conversations and promotes a more connectedness among those participating. Shisha is deeply rooted in a cultural tradition that has been present throughout centuries among Middle Eastern families. Its gesture is more than an entertaining and relaxing social activity, it‘s a way that families, relatives, friends and business associates in these cultures provide hospitality and strengthen bonds with one another. Our shisha concepts offer a unique opportunity to EXPERIENCE a slice of the Middle Eastern culture all over the world.
Get the full experience for your venue as part of our Member Program.

Join the Club!

A one-stop shisha service.
Everything you need, we take care of it. Let‘s share.

As part of the Steamulation Club we will provide you with everything you need to offer your guests the most unique shisha experience, for free. Together we create an outstanding offer and share the net revenue from smoking sessions at your venue.

…offer your guests the best shisha experience, for free.



Our unique shisha pipe technology is enchanting all 5 senses for the most enjoyful holistic smoking experience ever!
The ingenious heat-, smoke- and flavor- “Management“ delivers an undreamed smoking enjoyment with rich taste and full flavor
– far beyond any market standard!

But also sight, touch and hearing is outstandingly staged by remarkable and award-winning design, precious and valuable materials as well as precise craftmanship. Patented parts, like the centerpiece „SteamClick360“ with an unlimited rotating function make our shisha pipes so easy in handling and usage. This is why we are the world‘s leading manufacturer in the luxury shisha segment!

To provide utmost convenience and maximum performance for your Shisha Service we carry specially developed complementary accessories for presentation (e.g. illumination) and operation (e.g. heat management).

The Steamulation Starter Pump

A unique f&b accessory, developed to easily start a shisha without the traditional mouth-blowing technique. The air volume of the Steamulation Starter Pump has been precisely engineered to quietly simulate the draft of a shisha sommelier.

Whether presented in front of guests or used behind the scenes, its minimalist design and high-quality stainless steel body make it an extremely practical tool in f&b operations:

  • Capacity: 60 – 80 shishas ( 45 min. operational time )
  • Charging time (100%): 60 min.
  • Recharge port: USB-C
  • Dimensions:  Ø 63mm / L: 195mm

Simply insert the connector into the hose inlet, press the start button, and within seconds shisha is ready for serving, noticeable by the smoke steaming out of the pump.

Only by Steamulation.Club.



As the journey of a first-class shisha experience starts with the right tobacco or liquid we offer you only the finest Virginia Raw tobacco or similar liquids for our menu recommendation with a perfect fit to the cocktails recipes. You can collect your personal menu out of over 20 varieties.

And as the journey continues by the selection of tobacco or liquid by your guest, we offer you suitable tools and concepts to increase guest perception of your fascinating and memorable shisha service and experience.

Sommelier Box.

We provide the finest selection of shisha cocktail recipes and presentation

Treat your guests with a fine collection of tobacco. With our premium Sommelier Box you can present your selection in 24K gold covered glasses directly to your customers and build a memorable shisha experience.


Bring shishas to rooms, suites and indoor locations. Safe and easy. Try our delicious shisha liquids for our electric shisha appliances. No fire hazard, no stains, yes to your guests wishes.​

Experience the first-class convenience offered by the Steamulation e-heater. This useful accessory allows you to operate Steamulation hookahs without traditional coal – perfect for lounges, hotels or suites.


We provide the finest selection of shisha cocktail recipes and presentation

Your guest has the choice to enjoy a pure tobacco filling as well as a fully harmonized cocktail with a matching filling of the shisha vase with fresh fruits and herbs. Additionally the cocktail can be offered with a complementary added extra shot of spirits or champagnes.
To present your menu to guest we print and supply a high-quality and taylor-made menu including your brand based on our stylish template.


We won‘t let you walk alone!

Last but not least we provide an extensive service and assistance program containing e.g. general consultancy, Kickoff-Training for your staff for the best possible presentation, preparation, handling up to a „Shisha Sommelier“ degree, continuous E-Coaching as well as detailed „how to“-manuals and/or videos for every part of usage, handling, presentation, celebration, reorder and more…


Digital Training.

As a member of the Steamulation Club you have exclusive access to videos and documents on shisha preparation, reparation and more. Organise a live video training session to train your staff and get them to know all about shisha service.​

We train your team at sight.

Receive thorough personal training on shisha operation, assembly, functionality and cocktails creation. Bring your staff to the Steamulation Club Sommelier Standard.​

We bring the Staff to you.

You need extra staff? We have a big pool of excellent Shisha Sommeliers who are excited to bring the Steamulation Club Experience to your venue. Our Shisha Sommeliers will become part of your team and take care of daily shisha operations.​


  • Complimentary access to Steamulation Prime & Classic Shisha Series
  • Shared cost for tobacco, charcoal & accessories
  • Sommelier Training for Staff
  • Complimentary online & video training
  • Complimentary Menu Design
  • Personal Support
Revenue Share:
60% Member / 40% Steamulation.Club


  • Complimentary access to all Steamulation Shishas and Steamulation Exclusive Shishas
  • Complimentary Tobacco, charcoal and accessories
  • Sommelier training for Staff
  • Complimentary online & video training
  • Staff implementation on demand
  • Complimentary menu design & printing
  • Personal Support
Revenue Share:
50% Member / 50% Steamulation.Club


  • Complimentary & unlimited access to all limited Steamulation Exclusive and other Steamulation Shishas
  • Complimentary Tobacco, charcoal and accessories
  • Complimentary Sommelier training for Staff
  • Complimentary Sommelier “re-fresh” Training  / new concept updates
  • Complimentary online & video training
  • Staff implementation on demand
  • Complimentary menu design & printing
  • Personal Support
Revenue Share:
35% Member / 65% Steamulation.Club


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